Emergency Preparedness! Water Heaters?!

With all of the recent Earthquakes we at Best Plumbing Services thought it’d be a good time to discuss Water Heater preparedness and Emergency Gas Shut Off (aka Seismic Shutoff Device).. If a disaster struck (e.g. Earthquake) and your Water Heater is not secured properly it may fall and cause a flood or worst case scenario, fire. Not to mention loss of any fresh water.  Is your property protected in case of a disaster??!! Well, let us help with these quick tips..

1. Check for Earthquake straps.  These should be wrapped around the Water Heater from front to back and strapped to the studs of the wall.  Water Heater not strapped? Give us a call! We are offering a special Earthquake Preparedness rate of $85.00.  We will come to you and check to see that your Water Heater is strapped ”up to code”. What’s a measly $85.00 when it could help protect you??

2. A seismic valve for the whole house would be also a good addition. This valve can be placed outside after the gas meter. In case of an Earthquake, this valve will shut off the gas to your house to help prevent any damage (e.g. fire) to your property. We will gladly install this valve for $245.00 to $445.00 (prices vary as all homes are different).

3. Emergency Water..Did you know that your Water Heater can provide fresh water? Yes, it can! Here’s how.. Connect a hose to the water heater drain spout.  Turn on any faucet in the house (this will create air in the line and allow for water pressure) Tada – Water!

NOTE: Make sure Electricity and Gas is OFF before opening the drain spout.

We hope these few tips help! Talk again soon!

Best Plumbing Services