Five Signs That Your Water Heater at Home Needs Replacement

The good old water heater in our homes may be considered by some people merely as a small tank of hot water powered by electricity, but the fact that water heaters are more frequently used at home than most other appliances makes them real important. In the first place, many important activities at home are facilitated by a water heater: showering, taking a bath, dishwashing, laundering, etc. The best plumbers in Riverside and San Bernardino County couldn’t agree more. The utility of the water heater at home can not be compromised by a break down. Folks should, therefore, be on the lookout for telltale signs that new water is needed.

The five signs

  • Leaking. When one spots water heaters leak, no time should be spared in calling the local plumber for an inspection. Plumbing service in Riverside and San Bernardino, California are available for inspection jobs or hot water heater installation. Possible areas where water heater related leaks should be inspected include the drain valve, the hot and cold water lines, the pressure relief valve and the tank, itself. If leaking is traced to the tank, the best plumbers recommend replacement of the water heater to prevent bigger problems in the long run. However, while leaking is just one of the most frequent signs that a new water heater is needed, there are other indications of the same problem.
  • Corrosion. Another sign pointing to water heater problems which generally require replacement are severely rusted components. Parts which should be inspected for corrosion include the exterior casing, interior lining, or primary burner compartment.
  • Age. The age of the unit is a silent indicator which is often overlooked. The average useful or economic life of a water heater is from six to ten years. Keeping any appliance beyond its normal life expectancy is definitely not in the best interest of the user.
  • Mineral deposits. White or greenish appearance on floor or surfaces where the water heater sits, as well as saturated stands are indications of past and present leaking which may present either a major or minor water damage to the heater.
  • Improperly sealed connections. Hot and cold water supply lines should always be checked if they are properly sealed. This is important because even a small drip of water that goes undetected will damage the top lid of the unit and require installment.

If you see any of the aforementioned five signs, plumbers in California are widely available for inspection or for hot water heater install operations. Do not delay action to avoid bigger and more expensive repair for damages caused by faulty water heaters. Call only the experts from Best Plumbing Services at our toll free number 1-800-838-3164 or our local number 951-788-1321.