Five Common Signs of a Water Leak in Your Home

No one would want live in a leaky house, whether it be a new house or a remodeled one. The two main reasons would be that water leakage causes damage to the structure and the indicators of such leakage are aesthetically not pleasing. There are five common signs of a water leak in the house, and everyone should be vigilant about these signs so that repair can be made before much damage has taken place.

  • Visible water in the area. The most obvious sign of a water leak at home would be puddles or visible water accumulation in a particular area that does not normally contain water such as the floor, the area where the water heater stands, or the window sill. These are indicators that water may be leaking from the roof, the heater tank or the window casement/wall, respectively. Plumbing service in water heater expertise is needed for the second case. It is also possible that the puddle is caused by holes or cracks in the pipes or loose pipe joints, which also requires best plumber expertise.
  • Bubbles in the dry wall. Seeing bubbles in a dry wall is an indication of a water leak or in some cases, air which passed through when an opening was made for a water heater. Plumbers in California can deal with this problem.
  • Yellowish discolorations. Discolorations on surfaces which are yellowish or turning brownish, particularly in the ceiling, may be associated with a roof leak. However, discoloration observed on the walls requires an inspection by best plumbers to examine where the water leakage is originating from the water heater or from the piping system.
  • Stains, mineral deposits, knocks, rattles, and squeals; odors. Stains and mineral deposits, particularly in pipes, are indicators of water seepage. California plumbing technicians stressed that if the area where the stains or deposits are seen is moist, urgent attention is needed. Meanwhile, knocks and bangs, rattles and squeals, suggest lack of air chamber or that the air chamber is full of water instead of air. Odor in the toilet even when it is apparently clean may indicate either a bad wax ring or a problem in the vent system. These are all jobs which can be generally performed by California plumbing services.
  • Lack of pressure or drops in pressure. Lack of water pressure and lowered water pressure may be an indicator of an obstruction in the flow of water among other things.

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