Six Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

Bathrooms may be small, but they do take a large chunk out of the budget if you’re considering doing some major remodeling. On the average, a bathroom remodeling project costs $15,800. During these economic times when we need to get our money’s worth, we cannot afford to acquire any unnecessary expenses during the bathroom remodeling process. Therefore, here is a list of great bathroom remodeling ideas for crucial bathroom elements:

  1. Bathtubs – there are a number of choices to make regarding getting a new bathtub. There are single or two-person bathtubs, standard bathtubs, clawfoot bathtubs, whirlpool bath tubs, and hot tubs. There is a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from, as well as materials used. Consideration should also be placed on price, availability, ease of installation, longevity, and ease of cleaning.
  2. Reusing the Toilet – These “thrones” are quite durable and may or may not be replaced during bathroom remodeling. Should these be kept though, a new wax ring would be required together with a good seal.
  3. Water-saving Toilets – Another thing to consider is a toilet’s water-saving features. Low flush and dual flush toilets are designed to conserve water by keeping water stored for flushing at a minimum.
  4. Toilet Color – Though white is the standard color, there may be instances that the toilet color should match the overall color scheme.
  5. Vanity Lighting – Lights should be placed on both sides of the vanity mirror. It should be balanced and at approximately face level. Bar style lights above the mirror is not recommended because it is inadequate for grooming and applying makeup.
  6. Medicine Cabinet – this is a mainstay on most bathrooms. These are originally designed to store medicine and other small bathroom items. Modern medicine cabinets are deep enough to accommodate larger items such as curling irons and hair dyers.

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