When Your Kids Cause Plumbing Problems

Although our children love to explore many rooms in our homes, the bathroom is almost irresistible. Especially the toilet, that big, shiny porcelain thing that just scream “play with me!” Kids have to learn how to properly use a toilet eventually and preventing them from using your toilet can seem impossible, but they should be taught that only water, toilet paper, and human waste should be flushed.
If a blockage is because of toilet paper, a simple plunger usually does the trick. However, if you see an object or some kind of child’s toy, that may call for different actions. If you can fish it out with your hands, that should solve the problem. If the object is within your pipe system, you want to be careful about lodging it even further into your pipes. Calling a professional is likely your best option.

Common Plumbing Disasters Kids Can Cause
Flushing Items Down the Toilet
Bath time is fun, but without proper supervision, your kid could associate their bath toys with any form of water — even toilet water. There are several small items that are relatively easy to flush down a toilet, especially small items like action figures or other small toys. The biggest problem with these little items is that they are easy to get stuck in a pipe.

Toys and Items Stuck in Drains
Many parents underestimate a child’s ability to access the area where the clean-out drain is, often in the yard. A small child who does a lot of digging and discovers a cap that is easy to open can cause a bit of a mess. Make sure that the cap is not easy for small fingers to pry open or keep children away from the area altogether.

Too Much Toilet Paper
Many younger children who are recently toilet-trained have a habit of flushing too much toilet paper at one time. As potty training gets into full force, it can be very tempting for your kid to use excess wads of toilet paper leaving you with some severe clogs. Beyond the regular potty time — it often can be very tempting for a child to see your toilet paper roll as a toy.

Leaving the Water Running
Younger children may leave water running, which can cause needless wear and tear on your water heater when hot water faucets are involved.

Tips For Keeping Small Children From Causing Plumbing Problems
Lock the door
It is easy to find products that child-proof a doorknob. They are often used to prevent toddlers from exploring the great outdoors or from getting into a cupboard where cleaning supplies are stored. Putting one on the bathroom door may not be your first impulse, but it can save you a lot of time and trouble later. A child who is not able to access the bathroom is not going to be able to play with the toilet paper, cause the bathroom sink to overflow, put crayons and other random objects down the drain or do anything else.

Keep the Toilet Lid Closed
One way to prevent the toilet from accumulating items is to keep the lid closed at all times. Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest; however, if a child is industrious enough, that may not do the trick. Keeping the toilet lid closed at all times can go a long way in keeping any foreign objects from finding themselves deep within the bowl of your precious toilet.

Install a Toilet Seat Lock
If you do not want to deal with the inconvenience of fiddling with a child-proof knob when you need to use the toilet, a seat lock may be a better option. This will lock the lid down firmly so that only an adult or older child can access the bowl. These devices affordable, easy to use plastic clips that prevent small hands from getting into your toilet, which can be a saving grace when you are dealing with toddlers who are fascinated by the toilet flushing.

Toilet paper cover
For some young kids, there is no greater joy than grabbing wads of toilet paper and stuffing them into the toilet, sink, or tub to see what happens. A toilet paper guard or cover can be installed over the toilet paper roll so that access to the paper is limited. Instead of being able to grab great lengths of toilet paper, your child should be limited to just a few squares at a time.

Call the Pros
Know When to Give Best Plumbing a Call
So you’ve done everything you can and your child still manages to cause a clog somewhere in your sewer line. Since you cannot be completely sure what your child used, do not reach for the drain opener just yet. You can try to plunge out the affected drain or, if you have one, use a household drain snake to try to solve the issue. If that does not work or if all of your drains are now clogged, it’ is time to call in a professional plumber. A plumber will be able to use a variety of equipment, such as a camera and an industrial drain snake, to discover the true nature of the clog and to remove it from your septic line.

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