Small Plumbing Issues That Indicate Bigger Problems

How much trouble can a small leak really be? Is a dripping faucet or backed-up toilet more than just an inconvenience? As a homeowner, if you have ever asked yourself these questions, you probably need to call a plumber. Just because the plumbing issue is minor does not mean you are in the clear. When it comes to pipes and plumbing, what might seem like a minor inconvenience can be a sign of a much larger, potentially costly problem.
Here are some of the most common plumbing problems that the experts at Best Plumbing do not want you to ignore.

Low Water Pressure
Although low water pressure may seem like a common inconvenience that will be pretty easy to resolve, the truth is that there are only a couple of scenarios in which low water pressure is routine. If you are experiencing low water pressure in just one area or with just one fixture, it may be a quick fix. However, low water pressure across all sources can indicate a leak somewhere in your home. Leaks can wreak havoc on your property’s structural integrity, and they can also be the root cause for unusually high water bills. Avoiding water damage should always be a major concern for everyone, which is why you should never neglect a widespread low water pressure issue!

Constant Clogs
Small, easily manageable clogs can be handled with household tools, but slow drainage issues can represent a long list of other plumbing problems that can lead to very costly and invasive repairs. Sometimes a major blockage will result from months of buildup, and this can lead to water backups in other areas throughout your home as well. Obstructed, underground pipeline can be the root of a slow draining sink, which may lead to pipe replacement renovations and even foundation repairs. Always have a clogged or slow-draining sink examined by a licensed plumber in Riverside County if it does not clear up on its own within a few days.

Stinky Water
If your tap water has a pungent smell, or even if there is a light odor, you might have a problem on your hands. The water coming out of your faucets should not have any odor at all. You should not drink smelly water since it could be a health issue. If it has an odor and it is discolored — that is even worse. If your drinking water is brown, that could be a sign that your water has a lot of iron or even contamination. A green tint could be a sign of copper corrosion.

Toilet Running
Compared to a leaking faucet, a running toilet issue poses a much larger threat in terms of water damage and plumbing repair. Although it might seem like your toilet lever is just malfunctioning, a running toilet can indicate a long list of other related plumbing problems. It is important to have this issue checked out if you cannot resolve it on your own within 24 hours. In fact, this applies for any toilet flushing issues you run into.

Leaky Faucets/Pipes
While a dripping faucet is not that big of a plumbing problem, consistently dripping faucets and pipes can lead to wasted water and dollars as well as water damage. Fixing a leaky faucet or pipe is typically an easy project that a plumber can help you repair. There are plenty of reasons why you could have a persistently leaky faucet, including corrosion, mineral buildup, faulty parts and abnormally high water pressure.
If you pay for water, a dripping faucet—even if it is just a drop every second—can add up to over 2,000 gallons a year. You are not just using extra water at this point—you are having to overpay on your electric or gas bill, too.

Loud Pipes
If your pipes have a loud, noticeable rumbling, it might not just be your home’s quirky personality. Rattling pipes can indicate issues with water flow and can eventually lead to unstable pipes if left unfixed. Parts may come loose, resulting in water leaks, and the overall integrity of your pipes can be at risk. Unstable pipes lead to water leaks and a loss of pipe integrity, which is something that is never worth risking!

Mold Growth
Leaks behind bathtubs or under a sink usually go unnoticed, and these places offer the right environment for mold to grow. Mold thrives in dark and damp environments, exactly what it is like behind bathtubs and under sinks. When mold grows in your home, it can lead to a variety of health problems. The safest thing to do is address a leak as soon as you detect one to avoid mold growth and have a professional plumber look for any signs of mold throughout your house.

Wet Areas In Your Yard
If you have water leaks or sewer leaks on your property, they can be noticeable if you have wet spots in your yard that appear when it doesn’t rain or when sprinklers are not running. Any time your grass is unusually wet or you notice any strange smells coming up from the ground, you may want to contact us to make sure that your water line or sewer system is all right. Not addressing sewer issues immediately could be hazardous to the health of people and pets. A sewer leak also could damage your lawn and soil if you don’t take care of it right away.

Higher Water Bills
If you experience a sudden spike in your typical water bills, it might not be the fault of someone in your household taking long showers. Sudden spikes in your monthly water bill is always something that should be cause for concern since it could be associated with a major leak and running plumbing fixtures. Noticing higher bills is many times the first way that people recognize these serious plumbing issues. Our plumbing experts will be sure to get to the bottom of whatever is causing your abnormally high water bills!

Common Causes For These Problems
You could end up paying big in the long run by ignoring small problems or trying to fix yourself. A homeowner might take the plumbing in a home for granted because it does not seem important, but mistakes can lead to big expenses.

Using Cheap Plumbing Materials
You might think that buying the lowest priced plumbing materials when building a home or doing a remodel is a great way to save money, but it could actually leads to huge expenses later. Ideally, you want plumbing fixtures that will last for up to 40 years, especially pipes, hangers and connectors that are located inside walls.

Do Not Do-It-Yourself
The reality is that fixing or installing pipes and fixtures is not an easy task. The faucet in your bathroom may look simple until it is taken apart. There are also certain processes that are necessary when making a plumbing repair that you have never considered such as turning off electricity and water to avoid damage and injuries. You might get started with what looks like a simple repair, but it turns into a disaster, leaving you with a huge mess.

Failing to Maintain Equipment
Plumbing fixtures in homes and businesses can require maintenance on a regular basis to help the devices have a longer life span and avoid inconvenience. A water heater requires draining at least once a year to remove a buildup of sediments that lead to a rusting tank and less heated water. At the same time, a water heater’s mechanisms require an inspection to make sure its power supply wires and connectors are in tip-top condition to avoid an explosion or fire. Proper maintenance of plumbing fixtures can also save people money on their utility bills.

Why Are Small Plumbing Leaks a Big Deal?
Mostly the issue revolves around uncertainty and the fact that any time there’s a problem cropping up, be it HVAC, plumbing, or electrical, time is always the resource you don’t have enough of. Sitting on even a tiny little plumbing problem can lead to:

Extensive Home Damage
One of the big problems with a plumbing leak of any size is the sheer consistency of the water being dumped into your home. Even a tablespoon of water an hour means a tablespoon of water every hour. Waiting a week to get that issue fixed can lead to weakness in walls, along floors, and home damage that can cost you hundreds to get set right.

Larger Problems Than You Expect
If you are seeing wall, floor, and ceiling damage, the problem could actually be many times worse than it appears to be. Since most of your plumbing is in the walls, it is hard to really determine what is going on without an expert on hand. It might look or sound like a tiny drip, but in reality you might be hearing a small drip that is resulting from a much larger problem that is dumping the majority of the water somewhere else in the home, like a basement or crawlspace.

Electrical Hazards
And last, but most certainly not least, water and your home’s electricity do not mix very well. All a persistent drip needs to do to cause massive damage, and potentially an electrical fire, is drip onto an outlet or exposed wire. It is a risk you just don’t want!

When to Contact a Plumbing Professional
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